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Why Choose us ?

Affordability, Reliability, Flexibility 

At Keen 2 Kleen we understand the importance of having a personal point of contact at all times, so we allocate a site manager for each venue we have commercial contracts with. For domestic cleaning contracts, we have  specialist team leaders and supervisors monitoring all aspects of cleaning.


We create a full on-site management plan with General Managers to fulfil all aspects of cleaning requirements, ensuring that all Health and Safety requirements are met. 

We create smart cleaning folders with daily updates from cleaning staff which consists of broken item logging sheets, equipment shortage update sheets, signing in / out sheets, evacuation procedures documents and many more. This folder would be accessible by Management and cleaning staff only. 

We complete Risk Assessments every 6 months to ensure all risks are identified and we create solutions to ensure the safety of our staff, the clients and the public are met. 

We are Public Liability Insured and Employers Liability Insured, which brings extra reassurances for our cleaning staff and our clients. 

We have over 5 Years of customer satisfaction. This ranges from private home cleaning to commercial large scale cleaning contract's we have upheld without any issues or third party complaints. 

We offer a bespoke cleaning service, which stands firm to 'satisfying your cleaning needs'. We work for our customers and clients. When they are happy we are happy also. 

We provide on-site training for staff and we promote equality and ethical values. Our staff have excellent customer services skills and a exceeding high experience track field, which promotes hard work and dedication. 

We are located in Sandwell Birmingham, but we are able to cover the whole of Birmingham. This makes us very reliable and trusting for customers as we make the time and effort to ensure your cleaning needs are met, always. 

" Choose a Business that will do the Business"

Keen 2 Kleen